Ho Lang Cross Country MTB Race 2023

The winner calls out Mr. Hubertus Schweins of Mr Biker Saigon

The Hố Lang Cross Country Cycling contest is a highly anticipated event that draws competitive cyclists from all over the country to compete in a challenging and scenic race through the Hố Lang historical site in Bình Dương Province, Vietnam. In this years, one cyclist has risen to the top of the leaderboard of team Mr Biker Saigon - Hubertus Schweins.

Hubertus is a highly skilled cyclist who has been participating in cycling events for many years. He has competed in a variety of races, ranging from shorter distance sprints to grueling long-distance endurance races.

In the Hố Lang Cross Country Cycling contest, Hubertus has consistently performed at a high level. His impressive stamina, endurance, and technical skill have made him a favorite to win the race.

Now we can have a moment to take a look at the photos at Ho Lang Cross Country MTB Race from Mr Biker Saigon


The champion - Hubertus Schweins



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