Saigon Times Club - 7th Olympic 2030 - Cross Long Hai MTB

Mr Biker Saigon proudly joined hands and sponsored this cycling event for the Saigon Times Club (Saigon Businessmen). Let's take a quick look at this special day and inspire your cycling enthusiast

Sport united humankind - and indeed - sport united businessmen!

hardBreakAfter one hard day with 4 rough cycling laps, competitors had successfully completed their challenge with both sweat and dirt - but paid off.

Mr Biker Saigon has always stood high and encouraged everyone to get into the cycling world. Therefore, we always grab any chances available - try to create a playground where everyone can totally join in without hesitation about anything: Ages - no! Nationality - no! Pro cyclists or have never ridden a bike - Not a chance of stopping you, my friend!

We are here to cycle and commit to give out 100% of excitement on the track

In addition, Mr. Biker would like to share with the riders your incredible experiences with Trek Supercaliber, Trek Procaliber, Trek Marlin, Trek X-caliber….etc, as well as the times when we are all together as Mr. Biker Saigon.

Now let’s just have a quick look at the event and we hope to see you soon with Mr Biker Saigon.



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