Cycling Gallery
Our tours are well-documented with photos and videos showcasing our wide range of adventure cycling events in Vietnam and Cambodia
Mr Biker Saigon Racing Team
Our team of expert cyclists not only offers tours - we also participate in competitive cycling events in Vietnam
North Vietnam Mai Chau - Pu Luong
The extraordinarily friendly locals on this tour are proud of the tranquil green paradise they call home
Central Highglands - Bao Loc MTB Adventure
This rugged tour is one of the high-level cycling adventures offered at Mr Biker Saigon, suited to advanced cyclists
Mekong Delta Ride
A cycling adventure tour through the lush Mekong Delta for Trek owners in Saigon
North Vietnam - The People of Ha Giang Province
Dive into the rugged culture of the mountainous Ha Giang province
School Trips
Cycling and learning rolled into one adventure
Vietnam - Cambodia Cycling Tours
Two countries, one unforgettable experience
Santana Cruise
Pics of Santana
Mekong Delta Homestay Accommodation
Our comfortable accommodation offers a perfect blend of traditional charm and modern amenities, ensuring a delightful stay in the Mekong Delta after a day of cycling
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Mekong Delta
Floating Market
Phnom Penh - Cambodia 
Vietnam Central Highland
Nha Trang Central Coast
Hoi An Ancient Town
Hue Imperial City
Hanoi Capital
Northwest Vietnam
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Tailor-Made Your Adventure
At Mr Biker Saigon, we can tailor your adventure to be exactly the way you want it. Whether it is tweaking an existing itinerary, booking a standard tour on a different date, or creating your own unique one!
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