Frequent Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Vietnam?
The most popular times to visit Vietnam are spring (February-April) and autumn (September-December) but because of the huge variations in latitude and altitude, there is no one best time to go to Vietnam. It’s a good destination all year
What's the weather like in Vietnam?
What festivals are celebrated in Vietnam?
What's ATM access like in Vietnam?
Are credit cards accepted widely in Vietnam?
What to take on your cycling holiday
Is airfare included in the tour price?
How hilly is the terrain?
Are you able to accommodate different dietary needs?
Does Mr Biker Saigon work with travel agents?
What does full van & truck support mean?
Do Mr Biker Saigon provide insurance? Do I need extra coverage?
What safety measures will be taken?
What happens if the weather is bad?
What is a private room charge?
What if my bike doesn't fit me when I get there?
I do not feel well. Can I cancel my trip because I am sick?
Are kids welcome on all Mr Biker trips?
What are the rooming choices for families?


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