Behind the Scenes: Logistical Marvel of the Tour De France
The Tour De France is undeniably one of the most prestigious cycling races globally, but what makes it spectacular is more than the cyclists pedaling through the French terrain. It's the mammoth logistical undertaking that ensures the seamless execution of the event. Let's take a backstage tour of this grand spectacle.

Part I: Moving Circus

The Tour De France is often referred to as a "moving circus" due to the number of people and equipment required to run the event. This includes the cyclists, team staff, event organizers, media personnel, security personnel, medical staff, and marketing teams.

  • Over 200 cyclists from various teams take part in the race.

  • There are around 500 support staff to aid the cyclists.

  • The race requires over 280 vehicles, including team cars, organization cars, medical cars, and police vehicles.

  • There are 12 helicopters for broadcasting and medical emergencies.

Part II: VIP Treatment

The cyclists are not the only stars. The VIP guests are treated to a unique experience, following the race in a car or even a helicopter. Hosting up to 5000 VIPs a day, the hospitality team works tirelessly to ensure they are well looked after.

Gruber Images
Gruber Images

Part III: Media Frenzy

More than 2000 media personnel from all over the world cover the race, including journalists, photographers, TV and radio broadcasters. A sizable television broadcasting team ensures that viewers in 180 countries can watch the race live.

Part IV: Keeping it Clean

An unsung team of the Tour is the waste management crew. They follow the race, ensuring all litter is picked up, leaving the course as neat as before the race came through.

Gruber Images
Gruber Images

Conclusion: Unseen Heroes of the Tour

While it's the cyclists that steal the limelight, the invincible hand guiding the grand event is the crew working tirelessly behind the scenes. It's the synthesis of these unseen efforts that raises Tour De France beyond a race, truly making it a timeless spectacle.

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