Circuit de la Sarthe: An In-Depth Profile of the French Race
Circuit de la Sarthe, true to its French roots, is a four-day professional bicycle road race that shines brightly in the Gallic cycling scene. Renowned for its brevity and intensity, the race offers a fascinating delve into the cycling prowess of athletes competing over undulating terrains and intriguing parcours of the historically rich Sarthe region.

The Dawn of Circuit de la Sarthe

Starting in 1953, Circuit de la Sarthe has grown to become an integral part of the professional cycling calendar in France. This race has been graced by many prominent cycling figures, adding a layer of prestige and intensifying the competitive fervor among participants.

Peeling The Layers of The Route

Set in the scenic Sarthe department of the Pays de la Loire region in western France, the race is typically split over four stages. The varying terrains, from mildly hilly to flat, captivatingly encapsulate the physical and strategic demands of professional road cycling.

Exceptional Aspects of Circuit de la Sarthe

  • Time-Trials: The race often incorporates an individual time-trial stage, lending a unique dimension to the race strategies.

  • Stunning Landscapes: The race route shows off the alluring mix of natural beauty and architectural marvels of Sarthe.

Cycling Term

  • Parcours: The route or course of a race.

Memorable Moments

  • In its early years, the race was dominated by local French talents. However, it has since transformed into a melting pot of international cycling talents.

  • Stellar cyclists such as Jacques Anquetil, a five-time Tour de France winner, have left their mark on this prestigious race.


Circuit de la Sarthe, with its strategic array of cycling disciplines and its captivating course, provides a thrilling spectacle for cycling fans worldwide. The race's rich history, combined with the charm and beauty of the Sarthe region, impeccably complements the high-caliber competitiveness, thereby creating a uniquely riveting race experience. As the years pass, the race continues to carve its prestigious path in the world of professional cycling.

Circuit Cycliste Sarthe - Pays de la Loire 2022 - Etape 1 Stage 1

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