Creating Your Gravel Cycling Itinerary in Vietnam: A Step-by-Step Guide
Gravel cycling in Vietnam offers an unparalleled adventure through some of the most beautiful and untamed landscapes in Southeast Asia. From the mist-shrouded mountains of the north to the verdant rice paddies of the Mekong Delta, the country presents a myriad of routes that cater to both the experienced gravel grinder and the curious newcomer. Crafting your gravel cycling itinerary in Vietnam can seem daunting given the abundance of choices and considerations. However, with careful planning and insider tips, you can create a journey that’s not just about pedaling through stunning scenery, but also about immersing yourself in Vietnam's rich culture and history. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan the ultimate gravel cycling trip in Vietnam.

1. Define Your Cycling Goals and Preferences

  • Duration and Distance: Determine how many days you wish to spend cycling and the average distance you’re comfortable covering each day. Be realistic about your fitness level and experience.

  • Scenery and Terrain: Decide what type of environment excites you the most. Do you prefer coastal vistas, mountain ascents, or rural flatlands? Vietnam offers all three, so knowing your preference will help narrow down your options.

  • Cultural Experiences: Consider whether you want to include cultural and historical sites into your itinerary. Vietnam is rich in heritage, from ancient temples to colonial architecture and war memorials.

2. Research and Select Your Routes

  • Popular Gravel Routes: Start by researching well-traveled gravel routes that match your desired scenery and terrain. The Ha Giang Loop, Ho Chi Minh Trail, and Mekong Delta are popular among gravel cyclists for their breathtaking views and challenging terrains.

  • Weather and Climate: Vietnam’s climate varies significantly from north to south. Research the best time to visit your chosen region to avoid monsoon seasons or extreme temperatures.

  • Logistics: Consider the starting and ending points of your journey. Ensure there are convenient transport and accommodation options available, especially if you’re planning a point-to-point trip instead of a loop.

Mr Biker Saigon, Cycling Vietnam Central Highlands
Mr Biker Saigon, Cycling Vietnam Central Highlands

3. Gear Up

  • Gravel Bike: Choose a bike that’s suited for the terrains you’ll encounter. In Vietnam, a gravel bike with sturdy tires, comfortable geometry, and reliable brakes is ideal.

  • Packing Essentials: Pack light but don’t skimp on essentials. Include a repair kit, spare tubes, hydration system, sun protection, and navigation tools. Consider bikepacking bags for carrying your gear.

  • Local SIM Card: Stay connected with a local SIM card for easy navigation and emergency contact.

4. Plan for Accommodation and Meals

  • Accommodation: Vietnam offers a range of accommodation options from homestays and guesthouses to hotels. Book in advance in popular tourist spots but leave some flexibility in your schedule for spontaneous stays in rural areas.

  • Meals: Take the opportunity to sample local Vietnamese cuisine. Plan meal stops in towns or villages along your route, but also carry some energy bars or snacks for remote areas.

5. Navigate Cultural and Safety Considerations

  • Local Customs: Respect local customs and dress modestly when visiting rural villages and temples. Learn a few basic phrases in Vietnamese for better interaction with locals.

  • Safety: Always wear a helmet and reflective gear. Be mindful of traffic rules, as driving practices can differ significantly from what you’re used to.

  • Health: Pack a first-aid kit and ensure you’re up to date with any necessary vaccinations. Stay hydrated and protected from the sun.

Central Highlands cycling adventures with Mr Biker Saigon

6. Leave Room for Adventure

While having a plan is essential, the beauty of gravel cycling lies in the unexpected adventures and spontaneous discoveries along the way. Allow yourself the flexibility to veer off the beaten path, take that intriguing side road, or spend an extra day in a captivating town.


Creating your gravel cycling itinerary in Vietnam requires a mix of thorough planning and an adventurous spirit. By considering your preferences, researching routes, gearing up appropriately, and leaving room for spontaneity, you’re set for an unforgettable journey through one of Southeast Asia’s most diverse landscapes. Get ready to pedal through history, culture, and breathtaking natural beauty, all from the unique vantage point of your gravel bike.

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