Cycling Vietnam's Central Highlands vs Cycling Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains
For cycling enthusiasts seeking adventure and natural beauty, Vietnam's Central Highlands and Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains offer captivating landscapes and unique experiences. These regions are known for their lush forests, rugged terrains, and vibrant cultures. In this article, we compare the cycling experiences in Vietnam's Central Highlands and Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains, shedding light on the scenic routes, cultural encounters, and the sheer thrill of exploring these remarkable destinations on two wheels.

Cycling Vietnam's Central Highlands

Vietnam's Central Highlands is a captivating region of rolling hills, verdant tea plantations, and charming ethnic minority villages. Cyclists can embark on an unforgettable journey through this picturesque landscape, enjoying the cooler climate and breathtaking vistas.

  • Dalat, known as the "City of Eternal Spring," serves as a perfect starting point for cycling adventures in the Central Highlands. The city's surrounding countryside boasts stunning views and a network of cycling routes that wind through pine forests, coffee plantations, and flower gardens. Cyclists can explore the scenic Tuyen Lam Lake, visit the Datanla Waterfall, or pedal to the Langbiang Mountain for panoramic views of the region.

  • The Central Highlands is also home to the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail, a historic route used during the Vietnam War. Today, cyclists can follow sections of this trail, immersing themselves in the region's history and witnessing the remnants of the war. The trail passes through remote villages, providing opportunities for cultural interactions with ethnic minority communities such as the Ede, Bahnar, and Jarai.

Mr Biker Saigon, Cycling Vietnam Central Highlands
Mr Biker Saigon, Cycling Vietnam Central Highlands

Cycling Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains

The Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia offer a rugged and pristine terrain for adventurous cyclists. This vast and largely unexplored region is characterized by dense rainforests, cascading waterfalls, and abundant wildlife.

Starting from the town of Pursat, cyclists can delve into the heart of the Cardamom Mountains, following routes that wind through lush landscapes and remote villages. The journey takes riders along red dirt tracks, crossing rivers and ascending steep hills, providing a thrilling and challenging cycling experience. Cyclists can explore hidden waterfalls, encounter wildlife such as macaques and gibbons, and soak in the tranquility of this untouched natural paradise.

One of the highlights of cycling in the Cardamom Mountains is the opportunity to engage with local communities committed to environmental conservation. Community-based ecotourism initiatives offer homestay experiences and guided tours, providing cyclists with insights into the region's unique culture and the conservation efforts aimed at protecting the area's natural resources.


Cycling through Vietnam's Central Highlands and Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains presents two distinct and captivating experiences for adventure-seeking cyclists. Vietnam's Central Highlands offer picturesque landscapes, cultural encounters with ethnic minority communities, and the chance to trace the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail. On the other hand, Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains provide a rugged and untouched natural environment, where cyclists can immerse themselves in dense rainforests, encounter wildlife, and support community-based conservation efforts.

Whether exploring the rolling hills and tea plantations of Vietnam's Central Highlands or navigating the challenging terrain and pristine rainforests of Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains, cyclists are rewarded with unforgettable experiences, breathtaking scenery, and a deeper connection with the natural and cultural wonders of Southeast Asia.

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