Gear Guide: What to Pack for Cycling Vietnam's Central Highlands
Packing for a cycling trip through Vietnam's Central Highlands involves careful selection of gear to comfortably navigate the diverse terrain and weather conditions. This guide outlines essential items that should be on your packing list.

Cycling Apparel

Packing the right clothing is crucial. Breathable and sweat-wicking cycling jerseys, padded cycling shorts, and waterproof jackets should be your top clothing picks. Also, pack a quality pair of cycling gloves and shoes for added comfort and prevention of blisters and sores.

Sun Protection

Due to the harsh tropical sun, it's vital to pack UV protective sunglasses, sun hats, and sunscreen. These items will shield you from damaging UV rays and prevent sunburns and overheating.

Hydration and Snacks

Remember to carry a reusable water bottle or hydration bladder to avoid dehydration. Pack some energy bars, nuts, and dried fruits as they are easy to carry and provide a decent energy boost during your cycling paths.

First Aid Kit

A compact first aid kit with band-aids, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, bandages, and common medications such as pain relievers and anti-diarrhea tablets is vital for handling minor accidents or health issues during the tour.

Tools and Spares

A small repair kit including a bike multi-tool, spare tubes, a tyre pump, and chain lube can save you from unexpected bike problems on the trail. Also, having a couple of spare bike parts like brake pads and cables can be a lifesaver.

Navigation Tools

Although guided tours usually provide navigation aids, it's smart to have an offline map or a GPS device for additional navigation safety. A good old-fashioned compass can also come in handy.

Camping and Overnight Gear

If your tour includes overnight stays or camping, a lightweight tent, sleeping bag, and a headlamp are essential. A portable stove and utensils for basic cooking might also be good to have.


Proper gear preparation for cycling in Vietnam's Central Highlands can greatly enhance your cycling experience. While it's crucial to pack light, ensuring you have all the necessary tools and gear can make the difference between lasting comfort and avoidable discomfort.

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