Gravel Biking Technologies: What’s New for Cycling in Vietnam
The world of gravel biking is rapidly evolving, with new technologies and innovations making off-road cycling more accessible and enjoyable than ever before. In Vietnam, a country with a diverse range of terrains from dense jungles to mountainous highlands, the advancements in gravel biking technologies are enhancing the cycling experience for both locals and visitors alike. Here, we explore some of the latest trends and tech in gravel biking that are changing the cycling landscape in Vietnam.

1. Advanced Bike Frame Materials

The development of advanced materials for bike frames has revolutionized gravel biking. Materials such as carbon fiber, titanium, and advanced aluminum alloys are now being used to manufacture frames that are not only lightweight but also extremely durable and capable of absorbing vibrations on rough terrains. This makes long-distance rides on Vietnam’s varied landscapes smoother and more comfortable.

Trek Bikes, Mr Biker Saigon, Trek Checkpoints 4 ALR
Trek Bikes, Mr Biker Saigon, Trek Checkpoints 4 ALR

2. Gravel-Specific Geometry

The geometry of gravel bikes has evolved to offer better control, stability, and comfort over long distances on unpaved roads. Features such as a longer wheelbase, lower bottom bracket, and increased headtube angle provide cyclists with a confident riding position, essential for navigating the challenging terrains found throughout Vietnam, from the Ha Giang Loop to the trails around Da Lat.

Trek Bikes, Trek Domane SLR
Trek Bikes, Trek Domane SLR

3. Tubeless Tire Technology

Tubeless tires have become a game-changer in gravel biking, offering significant benefits over traditional tubed tires. By eliminating the inner tube, tubeless tires can be run at lower pressures, enhancing grip and comfort on uneven surfaces. This technology also reduces the risk of punctures, a crucial advantage when exploring remote areas in Vietnam, where repair facilities may be sparse.

4. Suspension Systems

While once the domain of mountain bikes, suspension systems are increasingly being incorporated into gravel bikes to tackle the more challenging aspects of off-road cycling. Modern gravel bikes often come with suspension forks or seatpost suspensions designed to absorb shocks, providing a smoother ride on bumpy Vietnamese backroads and rocky paths. This innovation allows cyclists to push further into the countryside without sacrificing comfort.

5. Electronic Shifting

The advent of electronic shifting systems has introduced a new level of precision and reliability to shifting gears on gravel bikes. With a simple push of a button, cyclists can shift gears quickly and accurately, essential for maintaining momentum on Vietnam's variable gradients. The weather-sealed nature of these systems also ensures consistent performance, regardless of the dust, mud, or water encountered on the trail.

6. Gravel-Specific Accessories

The rise of gravel biking has led to the development of specialized accessories designed to enhance the gravel cycling experience further. From gravel-specific shoes that offer both comfort and efficiency on and off the bike to bikepacking bags designed for lightweight, aerodynamic storage, these accessories allow cyclists to carry essential gear for multi-day adventures exploring Vietnam's natural beauty.


The advancements in gravel biking technologies are making it easier and more enjoyable to explore the less-trodden paths of Vietnam. Whether it's the rugged highlands of the north, the verdant valleys of the central region, or the tropical south, these innovations offer cyclists the confidence to tackle a wide range of terrains. As gravel biking continues to grow in popularity, the future of cycling in Vietnam looks both exciting and promising, inviting cyclists from around the world to discover its untamed landscapes on two wheels.

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