Inside Milan-San Remo: The Spring Classic Every Cyclist Should Know About
Kickstarting the season of Classics, Milan-San Remo - also known as La Primavera or The Spring Classic - is a single-day professional cycling race that captures the imagination of cyclists and fans alike. Featuring a challenging yet beautiful course that stretches from Italy's fashion capital to its riviera, this race is full of tradition, charm, and sheer unpredictability. Here, we delve into the essence of this remarkable race.

Unfolding the History of Milan-San Remo

La Primavera, first held in 1907, is steeped in history and prestige. Touted as the first major Classic of the season, it has become a touchstone in the professional cycling calendar. The race's persona lies in its extraordinary juxtaposition where the beauty of the scenic route contrasts with the lurid toughness of the terrain.

Navigating the Race

Boasting a course that extends over 290 kilometers, Milan-San Remo remains among the longest one-day races. Deceptive in its character, the majority of the route appears relatively flat, making it seem welcoming to sprinters. However, the introduction of climbs like the Capo Berta, Cipressa, and the legendary Poggio - just before the finish - often turns the tide, rewarding those with both endurance and tactical acumen.

Key Elements of the Milan-San Remo

  • Cipressa and Poggio: Predominantly towards the end, these ascents create the perfect launchpad for decisive moves.

  • Via Roma: The legendary finish stretch in San Remo, where cycling heroes and stories are born.

Lidl Trek Team, Milano-Sanremo 2024
Lidl Trek Team, Milano-Sanremo 2024

Essential Terminology

  • Scatto: Italian for "sprint," often defining the endgame in Milan-San Remo.

  • Passista: A type of cyclist who excels on flat and mildly hilly terrain.

Engaging Facts

  • The fastest-ever Milan-San Remo was won by Giuseppe Saronni in 1983, at an average speed of 45.8 km/h.

  • Legendary cyclist Eddy Merckx holds the record for the most wins in the race, with seven victories between 1966 and 1976.


Milan-San Remo embodies the true essence of Classic cycling: an unpredictable event that rewards tactical astuteness, physical endurance, and an ability to triumph over daunting terrains. Its uncanny knack of producing surprising yet memorable wins underpins the allure of professional cycling. The Spring Classic is more than just a race; it is an annual spectacle which stands tall as a monument of European sport. It audaciously tests the protagonists on their winter preparation and proudly sets the stage for the ensuing season. So, whether you're a rider aiming to make your mark or an ardent fan, Milan-San Remo promises to take you on a captivating journey of guts, glory, and unscripted drama. This is cycling theatre in its most classic, most enticing form.

BREATHLESS sprint to the line 😳 | Milano-Sanremo 2024 Race Finish | Eurosport Cycling

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