Night Under the Stars: Best Camping Spots when Cycling Vietnam's Central Highlands
Get ready to experience nature in its most undiluted form. When cycling through the mesmerising terrains of Vietnam's Central Highlands, the days are full of scenic beauty and the nights are a celestial wonder. Here, we uncover the best camping spots to add a dash of starlight to your cycling trip across Vietnam's Central Highlands.

An Evening in the Grasslands - Yok Don National Park

As Vietnam's largest nature reserve, Yok Don National Park spells enchantment for every nature enthusiast. Post a brace of cycling all day among its myriad flora and fauna, select your favourite spot under the star-spangled skies. Lose yourself in the tranquil night-time symphony of the wilderness.

Starry Canopy - Camping Near Lak Lake

Just a day's cycle away from Yok Don lies the serene Lak Lake, surrounded by vast lush hills and minority villages. The area presents an ideal camping spot, allowing you to unwind as you watch the night sky reflect on the tranquil waters of the lake.

A Haven of Tranquility - Dray Sap and Dray Nu waterfalls

Dray Sap and Dray Nu waterfalls present a magical blend of thunderous waters during daytime and a soothing lullaby at night. Plan to pitch your tent here during your cycling journey, and let the constellations be your night light.

Dream beneath the Canopies – Nam Ka Nature Reserve

In the heart of Central Highlands, Nam Ka Nature Reserve offers a surreal camping location. As night descends, you can sleep under an expansive sea of twinkling stars, creating a perfect close to a day filled with cycling and exploration.

Wildlife at Dusk - Ta Dung Natural Reserve

Search for a spot under the stars in Ta Dung Natural Reserve, where crisp dusk air is laced with the whispers of hidden wildlife. This intimate experience amidst nature will add a unique dimension to your cycling adventure through Vietnam.


The Central Highlands of Vietnam present an ideal space to marry the thrill of cycling with the romance of camping under a star-studded sky. So, when planning your cycling tour, make sure to reserve a few nights for the celestial charm of these locations. Saddle up, pedal on, and let the starlight guide you on this unique adventure.

Central Highlands cycling adventures with Mr Biker Saigon

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