Pedaling Forward: Seniors Cycle Across Vietnam on eBike Tour
How They Broke Boundaries and Created Memories from North to South

In February of 2023, a group of men ranging from 60 to 80 years old met at Mr Biker’s Saigon base camp. The men came from different countries around the world, but their goal was the same – to immerse themselves in the sights of Vietnam in the most authentic way possible, and to get a workout in the process. With the help of Mr Biker Saigon’s trusty fleet of eBikes, they set off that afternoon.

From the lush lowlands of Southern Vietnam to the beaches of the Central Coast to the mountains of the North, the men wanted to prove that age is not a barrier to rugged, gritty adventure. The intensity of the trip was eased slightly by the assisted pedaling provided by the eBikes, but the riders never slacked off and never stopped pushing.

This journey wasn't without its challenges, but the group faced them all with a sense of camaraderie that made the trip all the more special. They cycled through small villages and bustling cities, meeting friendly locals who were always happy to lend a hand. And at the end of each day, they were welcomed into cozy accommodations and treated to delicious local food.

After an epic journey, the group finally arrived in Hanoi, exhausted but filled with memories they knew they’d cherish forever. For these awesome cyclists, the journey was about more than just covering the distance from Saigon to Hanoi. It was a chance to break the boundaries with other like-minded adventurers from all over the world and to soak up the rich culture and history of Vietnam. And, best of all, the cyclists had a sense of pride in their journey that they definitely wouldn’t have captured with a conventional Vietnam tour.

Who says age is a barrier to adventure? Not these guys!

Mr Biker's exceptional service and expertise made this trip an unforgettable experience for those gentlemen. You could be next!

We’re proud to make adventure accessible to everyone, from young children just learning to ride to senior cyclists looking for real adventure. Our state-of-the-art eBikes are a perfect way for people to get the full experience of a cross-country cycling tour even if they aren’t quite up to the task of pedaling the approximately 750km of the Saigon-Hanoi tour without any assistance.

We lead tours in every part of Vietnam and even in some parts of Cambodia, and a rider on any of our tours can opt for an eBike if they request it when booking a cycling experience.

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