SRAM: Cutting-edge Technology in Cycling
SRAM has established itself as a leading innovator in the cycling industry, renowned for its pioneering technologies and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on two wheels. Founded in 1987 in Chicago, SRAM has grown into a global powerhouse, driving significant advancements in cycling components and systems.

Historical Overview

SRAM's journey began with the introduction of the Grip Shift, a revolutionary twist shifter that allowed cyclists to change gears by rotating the handlebar grip. This initial innovation set the stage for SRAM’s continuous drive to innovate and improve cycling technology.

Key Innovations

SRAM's portfolio is packed with groundbreaking technologies that have transformed cycling. Some of their most notable innovations include:

Grip Shift:

The product that started it all, Grip Shift was introduced in 1988 and allowed for intuitive, reliable gear changes by twisting the handlebar grip. It quickly gained popularity, especially in mountain biking.

SRAM Grip Shift
SRAM Grip Shift

DoubleTap Shifting:

SRAM’s DoubleTap technology, introduced in their road bike components, allows riders to shift up and down with a single lever, simplifying gear changes and reducing weight. This system is integral to their Red, Force, and Rival groupsets.

Sram, Double Tap Shifting
Sram, Double Tap Shifting

1x Drivetrain Systems:

SRAM was the first to popularize the 1x (single chainring) drivetrain for both mountain and road bikes. By eliminating the front derailleur, 1x systems simplify shifting, reduce weight, and improve reliability. The XX1 and Eagle groupsets are prime examples of this innovation.

The Most Famous Drive Train of Sram
The Most Famous Drive Train of Sram

eTap Wireless Shifting:

Launched in 2015, SRAM’s eTap is the first fully wireless electronic shifting system. It eliminates cables and housing, making installation and maintenance easier while providing precise, reliable shifting.

AXS Integration:

SRAM's AXS (pronounced “access”) ecosystem integrates electronic components across road and mountain bikes, enabling seamless communication between shifters, derailleurs, and dropper posts. It includes a smartphone app for customization and data analysis.

Sram, AXS Integration
Sram, AXS Integration

Hydraulic Disc Brakes:

SRAM has been a leader in developing hydraulic disc brakes for both mountain and road bikes, offering superior stopping power and modulation compared to traditional rim brakes. The SRAM Red and Force HRD (Hydraulic Road Disc) systems are notable examples.

Impact on Cycling

SRAM's innovations have had a profound impact on both competitive and recreational cycling. By simplifying and enhancing gear shifting, reducing weight, and improving braking performance, SRAM has made cycling more accessible and enjoyable for riders of all levels. Their technologies are widely used in professional racing, from mountain bike competitions to the Tour de France.

Sustainability and Future Directions

SRAM is also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company focuses on creating durable, long-lasting products and continually seeks to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes. As the cycling industry moves towards greater sustainability, SRAM aims to lead with eco-friendly innovations and practices.


SRAM's dedication to cutting-edge technology and continuous innovation has solidified its position as a leader in the cycling industry. From the introduction of Grip Shift to the development of wireless electronic shifting and advanced braking systems, SRAM continues to redefine what is possible in cycling technology. As they look to the future, SRAM remains committed to enhancing the cycling experience for riders around the world.

SRAM Corporate Video

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