Strade Bianche: Conquering the White Gravel Roads of Tuscany
Strade Bianche is a testament to the marriage of sensational terrain and the enduring spirit of cyclism. Set against the scenic backdrop of picturesque Tuscany, this race navigates a blend of asphalt roads and the iconic white gravel paths (strade bianche) that lend the event its name. Here lies an adventure through the heart of one of the most unusual courses in the professional cycling calendar.

The Origins of Strade Bianche

Operating under the name "Eroica" until 2007, Strade Bianche, comparatively young on the professional scene, has quickly grown in prominence. Launched in 2007 by RCS Sport, the idea was to reincarnate vintage cycling races - which Strade Bianche embodies to its fullest, featuring unpaved country paths reminiscent of a bygone era.

Assessing the Course

The present route spans over 180 km, nearly a third of which traverse the white gravel roads. The race starts and ends in the spectacularly storied city of Siena, giving riders and spectators an eyeful of Tuscany's historic beauty. The ever-shifting gravel roads add an unpredictable element to the race, making it an exhilarating challenge for the participants.

Prime Attributes of Strade Bianche

  • White Gravel Paths: Spread across 11 sectors, these iconic sections are essential to the race's character and challenge.

  • Piazza del Campo: The iconic central square of Siena that acts as the finish line provides a breathtaking finish to the demanding race.

Key Terminology

  • Passista: Italian for "rouleur," referring to cyclists proficient on various types of terrains.

  • Sterrati: The Italian term for "gravel", used to describe the white gravel roads.

Engaging Facts

  • Three-time winner Belgian Wout Van Aert is a current dominant force in Strade Bianche.

  • The women's edition of the race, introduced in 2015, coincides with the men's race, both delivering emphatic spectacles of cycling prowess.

Wout Van Aert - Team Visma Lease A Bike
Wout Van Aert - Team Visma Lease A Bike


Strade Bianche, a captivating blend of old-world charm and modern cycling, is an unmatched fusion of technical difficulty and historic essence. It demands strategic prowess, exemplary endurance, and skilled bike handling, making its champions renowned figures in the cycling world. The race doesn't just challenge the prowess and the resilience of the riders, but also their spirit and love for the sport. Its unique allure is making it an increasingly favoured stop on the WorldTour calendar. With a taste of the past and a touch of the dramatic, Strade Bianche takes you through a gruelling journey across the white roads, challenging every ounce of your spirit and skill before triumph leads you to the most stunning finish line in professional cycling - the scenic Piazza del Campo.

Strade Bianche Men Elite 2024 Race Highlights | Eurosport Cycling

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