The Best Gravel Cycling Gear Brands for Your Vietnam Adventure with Trek
Venturing into the diverse and captivating landscapes of Vietnam on a gravel bike is an adventure that requires not only determination and endurance but also reliable, high-quality gear. From the steep inclines of the northern highlands to the lush expanses of the Mekong Delta, having the right equipment is crucial for navigating Vietnam's challenging terrains with confidence. Here's an updated guide featuring Trek, among other leading brands, to ensure you're well-equipped for an unforgettable gravel cycling experience in Vietnam.

1. Bikes: Trek, Canyon, and Specialized

  • Trek: Trek's Checkpoint series is a standout in the gravel category, offering versatility, durability, and comfort. Known for its advanced frame technology and thoughtful features like ample mounting points for gear, Trek ensures you're well-prepared for the varying terrains of Vietnam.

  • Canyon: With their direct-to-consumer model, Canyon excels in providing top-notch gravel bikes like the Grail, which combines innovative design with performance and comfort, suitable for Vietnam's diverse landscapes.

  • Specialized: The Diverge lineup from Specialized is designed for the ultimate gravel riding experience, featuring Future Shock technology to reduce fatigue on long rides across Vietnam’s unpredictable terrains.

Trek Checkpoint, Trek Bikes
Trek Checkpoint, Trek Bikes

2. Tires: Schwalbe, Continental

  • Schwalbe: The G-One series from Schwalbe is highly recommended for gravel due to its exceptional versatility and durability, which are essential for navigating the often unpredictable terrains of Vietnam.

  • Continental: Known for their grip and puncture protection, Continental's Terra Trail and Terra Speed tires are perfect companions for the long, sometimes remote gravel paths in Vietnam.

3. Clothing: Rapha, Castelli

  • Rapha: With its fashionable and functional cycling gear, Rapha’s Cargo Bib Shorts offer extra storage for long rides, which is especially useful in the rural expanses of Vietnam.

  • Castelli: The Unlimited series from Castelli is tailored for gravel and adventure riding, providing durable, comfortable gear that performs well in the varied Vietnamese climate.

Rapha Clothing
Rapha Clothing

4. Helmets: Giro, Kask

  • Giro: The Sector from Giro integrates MIPS technology for enhanced safety, an adjustable visor, and ample ventilation, ideal for the warm and varied conditions of a Vietnamese adventure.

  • Kask: Kask's Protone helmet is lightweight with excellent ventilation, a top choice for staying cool and protected under the Vietnamese sun.

5. Shoes: Shimano, Sidi

  • Shimano: The gravel-specific RX8 shoes from Shimano combine the stiffness needed for efficient power transfer with the durability to withstand Vietnam's challenging terrain.

  • Sidi: The Jarin from Sidi is focused on comfort and robust construction, great for tackling diverse terrains while keeping your feet protected and comfortable.

6. Hydration Systems: CamelBak, Osprey

  • CamelBak: CamelBak's hydration backpacks and water bottles are essential for staying hydrated in Vietnam's hot climate, featuring durable designs suited for gravel riding.

  • Osprey: Known for its cycling-specific Raptor series, Osprey provides integrated hydration in a pack designed for rider comfort, invaluable for the heat and humidity of Vietnam.

7. Navigation: Garmin, Wahoo

  • Garmin: The Edge 1030 Plus from Garmin is purpose-built for off-road and adventure cycling, offering detailed maps and robust navigation features essential for exploring Vietnam's less-traveled gravel paths.

  • Wahoo: With an intuitive interface, the ELEMNT Roam from Wahoo keeps you on track with powerful navigation capabilities, ensuring you can enjoy Vietnam's scenic routes worry-free.


Incorporating Trek into your kit equips you with gear from a brand synonymous with reliability, innovation, and a deep understanding of what gravel cyclists need. Alongside other prestigious brands highlighted here, Trek offers you a comprehensive setup that’s adept at handling the rigors of Vietnam’s varied and challenging terrains. From bikes designed to endure to clothing and accessories that enhance the journey, ensuring you're well-equipped means you can focus on the breathtaking beauty and unique cultural encounters that make gravel cycling in Vietnam an adventure of a lifetime.

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