The Iconic Jerseys: Unraveling the Meaning Behind Their Colors
The Tour De France is universally recognized not just for its rigorous stages or picturesque routes but also for its iconic, colored jerseys. These jerseys, awarded to riders with outstanding performance in different categories, have come to symbolize the values and triumphs of this legendary race. Join us as we unravel the meaning behind the colors of these celebrated jerseys.

Part I: The Yellow Jersey – The Leader's Jersey (Maillot Jaune)

The Yellow Jersey, or the "Maillot Jaune," is the most revered of all. It is given to the overall race leader, i.e., the rider who has the lowest cumulative time. This tradition began in 1919, and the color yellow was chosen as the race was originally organized by the newspaper L'Auto, which was printed on yellow paper.

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Part II: The Green Jersey – The Sprinter’s Jersey (Maillot Vert)

Introduced in 1953, the Green Jersey, the "Maillot Vert," is awarded to the best sprinter. Riders have to excel in flat and hilly stages and intermediate sprints to win points. The one with the highest points at the finish line earns this vibrant jersey.

Part III: The Polka Dot Jersey – The King of the Mountains (Maillot à Pois Rouges)

The Polka Dot Jersey, awarded to the best climber, is also known as the "King of the Mountains." This jersey was introduced in 1933, and polka dots were chosen because they are visually compelling and stand out against the landscape. The rider who conquers the hilly and high mountain stages and accumulates the highest number of climbing points adorns this jersey.

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Part IV: The White Jersey – The Best Young Rider (Maillot Blanc)

Last but not least, is the White Jersey or the "Maillot Blanc." Since 1975, it has been given to the fastest rider under the age of 25 across all stages. This jersey identifies future potential leaders, often denoting an upcoming cycling superstar.

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Conclusion: A Celebration of Achievement

The colored jerseys of the Tour De France are far more than stitched fabric. They represent the skill, hard work, and perseverance in every rider's heart. They carry the legacy of past winners while motivating present competitors, truly embodying the spirit of Tour De France.

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