Tour de Suisse: The Hidden Jewel of World Cycling
The Tour de Suisse is a captivating ten-stage spectacle that routes through the breathtaking Swiss Alps, demanding the ultimate test of strength, endurance, and mental fortitude from riders. Nicknamed the "Hidden Jewel of World Cycling," this cycling tour showcases the mesmerizing beauty of Swiss landscapes while providing thrilling competition.

Genesis and Growth of Tour de Suisse

Initially held in 1933, the Tour de Suisse quickly placed itself as a prominent part of the UCI World Tour. Beautiful Swiss landscapes with world-class competition made it a race that riders earmarked on their calendar year after year.

Deciphering the Course

The race traditionally starts with a brief prologue and subsequently traverses through various stages of flat, hilly, and high mountain terrains. The course, often over 1,200 kilometers long, takes racers through serpentine country lanes, pretzel-like switchbacks, and dramatic mountain passes, offering an appealing challenge to both climbers and time-trialists.

Notable Aspects of the Tour de Suisse

  • Time Trial: The tour is known for its individual and team time trials that could potentially make or break the general classification.

  • Mountain Highs: Famed Alpine ascents, including the Furka and Gotthard Passes, often feature in the race.

Terminology to Know

  • Prologue: A short, individual time trial before a race to determine who wears the leader's jersey on the first stage.

  • General Classification (GC): The overall time standings in a stage race.

Engaging Facts

  • Swiss rider, Pasquale Fornara, is the record holder with four overall wins.

  • The 1974 edition was the first race to include an uphill time trial to a ski resort, adding an extra layer of excitement, setting a new trend in professional cycling.


As it weaves through sprawling Swiss valleys, over sparkling rivers, and up towering Alpine peaks, the Tour de Suisse goes beyond a professional biking event—it’s an act of celebration to honor the country’s unmatched natural treasure. Year after year, it continues to push boundaries with its unpredictable weather and variety of terrains, challenging the rider's versatility and resilience. Offering one of the most stunning backdrops in world cycling and suffused with serious competition, the Tour de Suisse undoubtedly stands as a hidden jewel promising hardcore competition and romantic scenic dreams, making it an unmissable global event.

Tour de Suisse 2024 Stage 7 Highlights

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