Tour Down Under: The Australian Cycling Race that Captivates the World
The Tour Down Under boasts an exotic mixture of stunning Australian landscapes, fierce racing competition, and an inimitable festival atmosphere. It is Australia's premier professional stage race and the first stop on the UCI World Tour calendar. This picturesque race has won the hearts of many with its incredible feats and an immersive celebration of cycling.

The History of Tour Down Under

First launched in 1999, the Tour Down Under has established itself as a significant event in the world of professional cycling. Held annually in January, the race also uniquely doubles as a festival, garnering interest beyond the sporting community, and helping to promote South Australia's vibrant tourism industry.

Understanding the Course

The Tour Down Under route generally changes each year, but traditionally the race consists of six stages, inviting cyclists to take on a varied mix of terrains, including city street circuits, undulating roads, and occasionally challenging hilltop finishes. The total distance covered throughout the race is roughly around 800 kilometers.

Distinct Features of the Tour Down Under

  • Willunga Hill: A demanding climb famed for deciding the overall classification in the race's final stages.

  • Classic Stage: An exciting criterium through the heart of Adelaide that marks the race's opener and sets the competitive tone.

Key Terminology

  • Peloton: A French term meaning 'group', referring to the main group of riders.

  • Breakaway: A group of cyclists who have detached from the main peloton, usually in an attempt to win the stage away from the top sprinters.

Fascinating Facts

  • Richie Porte, known as 'King of Willunga Hill', holds the record for the most stage wins on the critical climb.

  • The race is not just an athletic competition, but resonates as a celebration of cycling and South Australia's charm with various associated events including Classic Stage, Women's Tour, and a participatory Challenge Tour.


The Tour Down Under does more than just kick off the professional cycling season; it sets the tone for the forthcoming year in a unique and grand style. It holds the power to enthrall global audiences with thrilling performances, charming terrains, and a festive atmosphere. Cycling greats and spectators alike flock to South Australia for the spectacle, transforming streets into vibrant arenas of passionate support and competitive spirits. As the azure Australian skies overlook the Peloton each January, there's more than just a race occurring; it's a vibrant celebration of cycling, cultural exchange, and the sheer beauty of Australia’s landscapes. Through the winding roads and challenging climbs, cyclists aren’t just tackling the course; they are captivating the world and inspiring athletes to transcend boundaries.

Isaac Del Toro Hits, Stephen Williams Wins 2024 Tour Down Under 🇲🇽🇬🇧

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