UAE Team Emirates: Key Riders and Wins
UAE Team Emirates has risen to prominence in the professional cycling world, particularly through the achievements of its star rider, Tadej Pogačar. The team, sponsored by the United Arab Emirates, has become a powerhouse in the cycling circuit, combining strategic acumen with some of the sport's most talented athletes.

Formation and Evolution

UAE Team Emirates was formed in 2017, evolving from Lampre-Merida, a long-standing participant in the pro tour. The team's inception marked a significant investment in cycling by the UAE, aimed at bringing the nation to the forefront of the cycling world.

Tadej Pogačar: A Rising Star

Tadej Pogačar, often the centerpiece of discussions about UAE Team Emirates, has been nothing short of phenomenal. Born in 1998 in Slovenia, Pogačar's ascent in professional cycling has been meteoric. His aggressive riding style, coupled with an uncanny ability to remain composed under pressure, has made him one of the most exciting young talents in the sport.

Tadej Pogacar in Yellow Jersey, Tour De France 2024
Tadej Pogacar in Yellow Jersey, Tour De France 2024

Major Victories

  • Tour de France: Pogačar secured his first Tour de France victory in 2020, winning in dramatic fashion by overturning a significant deficit in the individual time trial on the penultimate day. He defended his title in 2021, showcasing his versatility and resilience across various stages.

  • Liège-Bastogne-Liège: In 2021, he added one of cycling's oldest classics to his resume, underscoring his ability to compete across different types of races.

  • UAE Tour and Tirreno-Adriatico: His dominance in stage races was further established with overall victories at the UAE Tour and Tirreno-Adriatico, emphasizing his all-around capabilities.

Supporting Cast

While Pogačar is often in the spotlight, UAE Team Emirates' success is also bolstered by a strong team that supports its leader during races. This includes seasoned climbers and domestiques who control the pace in the mountains and protect Pogačar during flat stages.

Future Prospects

Looking forward, UAE Team Emirates appears well-positioned to build on its recent successes. With Pogačar at the helm, the team is focusing on nurturing young talent and enhancing its roster to challenge for more Grand Tour victories. The strategic vision involves not just excelling in races but also promoting cycling globally, particularly in the UAE.


UAE Team Emirates has quickly established itself as a top contender in professional cycling, thanks in large part to the extraordinary talents of Tadej Pogačar. As the team continues to evolve and adapt, its influence on the sport is expected to grow, bringing more thrilling performances and inspiring a new generation of cyclists.


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