Unlocking De Brabantse Pijl: The Gateway to Ardennes Classics
Taking its riders through a rigorous yet captivating course where every pedal stroke counts, De Brabantse Pijl serves as the opening act to the Ardennes week, providing an exhilarating transition from the Flemish classics. It carves a unique identity that harmoniously blends the cobble-frenzy of the Belgian classics with the uphill challenges of the Ardennes.

The Dawn of De Brabantse Pijl

Initially staged in 1961, De Brabantse Pijl, also known as La Flèche Brabançonne, was a minor local race. But over the years, the race matured, and it now attracts a top-tier line-up of riders who view it as a key preparatory event in the lead-up to the esteemed Ardennes classics.

Understanding the Course

Starting from Leuven and finishing in Overijse, the race covers roughly 200 kilometers, over a uniquely undulating landscape that scales various 'hellingen' or short, sharp hills. It is famed for its repetitive loops around Overijse in the final part, each marked by challenging ascents that serve as a prime platform to launch decisive attacks.

Intrinsic Elements of De Brabantse Pijl

  • Infinite Climbs: With a cumulative ascent that exceeds 2800 meters over 31 climbs, the race transforms into a survival of the fittest.

  • Last-minute breakaways: The repeated circuits in Overijse are rife with last-minute breakaway potential, keeping the suspense alive till the finish line.

Note-Worthy Cycling Vernacular

  • Breakaway: A group of riders that separates from the main bunch or peloton.

Inside Scoop

  • Belgian riders have a dominating record in their home race, with Edwig Van Hooydonck and Peter Van Petegem sharing the record title of three wins each.

  • The race has been a guide for spotting potential names to watch at the Ardennes Classics.


Straddling between the cobbled Belgian classics and the hillier Ardennes thrillers, De Brabantse Pijl offers a unique mid-point with a flavor of both. The challenging climbs and unpredictable nature of the race offer pure, dramatic racing that often descends into an arduous battle of attrition. Along with the physical challenge, the beauty of the landscapes of Brabant encompasses the charm of De Brabantse Pijl. As a result, this race serves as an inviting appetizer to the Ardennes Classics, promising excitement, drama, and an entrée into the demanding world of Ardennes racing.

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