Waterfall Hunting: Hidden Gems of Central Highlands' Cycling Routes
Awe-inspiring, untamed, with the power to mesmerize, nothing amplifies Vietnam's Central Highlands' natural spectacle more than its waterfalls. Enclosed within the lush foliage along the cycling trails, these cascading gems invite both the thrill-seekers and the tranquility-lovers. Here, we dig out some waterfall wonders that serve as must-see pit stops on your journey.

Dray Sap & Dray Nu - The Twin Wonders

Cycling past the bustling sounds of the forest, the thunderous roars of the Dray Sap and Dray Nu waterfalls are hard to miss. Locally known as 'Husband & Wife' falls, their breathtaking view creates an unforgettable backdrop for a pit-stop.

Pongour Waterfall - The Mesmerising Cascades

Lay your eyes on the magnificent sight of the Pongour Waterfall, renowned as the most stunning waterfall in the land. Let the sight of water cascading over seven tiers of rock, stretching over 100 meters wide spellbind you as you take a break from the ride.

Dambri Waterfall - The Rain and Drizzle

The Dambri waterfall creates a spectacular vision of water crashing down from a height of 90m. A stopover here during your cycling route not only presents a scenic marvel, but also the chance to relish the cooling drizzle that it showers.

Kravanh waterfall – The Mountain's Jewel

Hidden within the serenity of the Kravanh Mountain Nature Reserve, the Kravanh Waterfall is a precious find. The serene ambience of the cool pool below the fall makes it a perfect retreat.

K50 Falls (Dak Kar waterfall) - The Secrets of Kon Chu Rang Reserve

Off the beaten track, the lesser-known but equally appealing K50 Falls unmask a shimmering slice of Central Highland's untouched beauty. If your cycling adventures take you through the Kon Chu Rang Reserve, this waterfall is a must-explore gem.


The cascading charisma of these waterfalls is a treat for the senses. As you cycle through the verdant expanses of Vietnam’s Central Highlands, these natural jewels dotting your journey add a refreshing touch to your adventure. So, gear up, pedal on, and chase the liquid diamonds on your next cycling escapade in Vietnam!

Central Highlands cycling adventures with Mr Biker Saigon

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