Zooming in on BinckBank Tour: The Two-Countries Unique Cycling Race
In the realm of professional cycling, the BinckBank Tour holds a unique status as a race that straddles two countries - Belgium and the Netherlands. With a captivating blend of individual time trials, flat stages and hill-clad terrain, it offers a significant challenge for the most adaptable riders and teams.

The Genesis of BinckBank Tour

First organized in 2005, the BinckBank Tour is a relatively new entrant into the professional cycling world. Despite its young age, the race quickly gained a reputation as one of the most exciting stage races on the calendar, enticing cyclists with its versatile parcours and warm embrace from the cycling-enthused regions of Belgium and the Netherlands.

Dissecting the Course

The race typically spans 7 days and covers various types of racing terrain. Flat stages suited for sprinters, ardous hill-filled stages mimicking the spring classics, and crucial individual time trials craft a race of diversity demanding versatility and constant vigilance from the riders.

Features of BinckBank Tour

  • Dual-Country Landscape: BinckBank Tour is distinctive for spanning across two countries, adding a unique cultural vibrancy to the race.

  • Varied Terrain: The race is famed for its diverse parcours, challenging all aspects of professional cycling.

Lidl Trek
Lidl Trek

Cycling Term

  • Parcours: The route or course of a race.

Standout Moments

  • The 2012 edition was won by Dutch cyclist Lars Boom, making him the first rider to win the race twice.

  • Tim Wellens, with his three victories in 2014, 2015 and 2020 has emerged as the most successful rider in the history of the race.


The BinckBank Tour is more than just a multi-stage race. With its cultural underpinning, diverse racing conditions and energetic audience, it offers a dynamic, intense and unique spectacle in the cycling calendar. As it redefines what a stage race can offer, we eagerly anticipate the enthralling performances this race will unfold in the future.

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